Water Beads for Any Occasion

Each Easy Elegance "34" package contains 2  bags of plastic "pearls". Each  bag of "pearls" contains 17 plastic "pearls"; two 30mm (1 1/8"), three 24mm (7/8"), six 14mm (5/8") and six 10mm (3/8") "pearls" for a total of 34 "pearls".

You also get a 12 gram bag of clear Jelly BeadZ which when hydrated will make about  about 3 quarts of clear Jelly BeadZ that will support your "pearls", making them appear to be suspended in space.

When you order your "34" can choose any two colors you like or both the same color.

If you order a "68" , you get the equivalent of 2 "34"s meaning you get to choose 4 colors and get two 12 gram bags of clear Jelly BeadZ.

What do I get?

How do I make the centerpiece with the floating objects?

Place pack of clear Jelly BeadZ in large bowl, cover with at least a quart of bottled or distilled water. Allow 6-8 hours for the beads to completely hydrate. Drain BeadZ into a colander. You are now ready to create.

Start with a layer of clear BeadZ on the bottom of the vase. Add a few of the plastic pearls on top of the beads. Continue to layer BeadZ / Pearls / BeadZ etc. until the vase is nearly full, with the top layer being BeadZ.  (Note: Some pictures below show optional submersible tea lights which are sold separately.)

Slowly add bottled or distilled water until it reaches to within 1” of the top of the BeadZ (do NOT completely cover all the BeadZ or your pearls will sink to the bottom.) You will notice the clear BeadZ seem to disappear leaving the appearance of the pearls suspended in space. Any trapped air bubbles will disappear in a few


The best part of Easy Elegance Pearls?  If you don’t like your creation, simply dump them out into a colander and start over again… YOU are the designer. You can use the handle of a wooden spoon or a long bamboo skewer to push the pearls around until they are positioned just where you want.

If your display is permanent (be sure to use distilled water to prevent algae growth) tightly cover with a piece of plastic wrap trimmed to fit the opening, otherwise the BeadZ will begin to dehydrate and require water every few weeks. Avoid direct sunlight and temperatures in excess of 90 deg F as this may dissolve the Jelly BeadZ.